How to Quickly and Easily Add an RSS Feed Google Reader

Google Reader is a web based newsreader / aggregator / rss reader etc . Consider this scenario : You read say 10 blogs. If your way of following blogs is visiting all of their sites every day, then you need Google Reader. Google Reader allows you to subscribe blogs and read the posts in one convenient location.

Getting Started

To use Google Reader you will need a Google Account. Note that I said Google Account and not GMail Account. You can have any email id as your Google Account. Jump to and login using your google account.

Your Google Reader interface might look something like this.

Adding A Subscription

To add a blog to the Google Reader there are at least three ways.

Method 1: Click on the ‘Add a Subscription’ button and type in the blog name. Eg New York Times.

You will get a page with the results and you can click on Subscribe to subscribe to the feed.

Method 2: Same as above but instead of blog name provide the blog url.

Method 3: If the blog has a feed , then in your browser you will see an Orange icon in the address bar. Clicking on it will take you to a subscribe feed page where you can subscribe using Google Reader. If you do not use an option to subscribe using Google Reader, then note the feed url and use method 2.

Here is a quick video explaining how to use Google Reader for subscribing to RSS Feeds:


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